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Moloko - Refresh Your Mind

is a product of Moloko Beverage GmbH in Goppingen, Germany

A fizzy drink made from natural flavors, with no artificial colors, flavors or phosphoric acid.

Moloko is a new refreshing drink and utterly extraordinary kind due to the unique combination of lemon, elderflower, and ginger.


Water, Sugar, Lemon Juice from Lemon Juice Concentrate 4%, Orange Juice from Orange Juice Concentrate, Carbonated water, Acidifiers, Citric Acid, Natural Flavours, Malt Extracts, (contains Barley), antioxidants, Ascorbic Acid, Stabilizers Pectin and Carob Bean Gum.

About Us

Once upon a time;

Our story of success began with a hot summer, fresh ingredients and two friends who turned an idea into a project. In the year in which the scrappage scheme in Germany meant the end to many older cars, Matthias and Gerd were sitting in the Moloko Bar one summer day, philosophizing about drinks and tricks on preparing them. From ideas were born new variations, from hundreds of approaches, finally a drink. Mattias and Gerd sat at the bar with straws between their teeth and booth said grinning, That’s it!