How To Choose Zedu UFO LED High Bay Light In The Industry?

How To Choose Zedu UFO LED High Bay Light In The Industry?

How to decide on UFO LED High Bay Light High Bay Light within the industry?

As an extraordinary shopper, we might select merchandise more considering the value of the product, followed by the appearance high quality, etc. Generally the price exceeds the price range and can choose to abandon the purchase of the product. Nevertheless, the selection of LED industrial and mining lamps in the industry should put the value factor light, not to concentrate to the value, but to decide on a more cost-effective product. How can we choose a product that is more suitable for our needs? The following is a brief introduction to the acquisition method.

First, select in response to precise needs

For industries akin to coal, petroleum, and chemical industries, it's essential to consider whether the lighting demand can meet the necessities, dustproof, waterproof and different factors, and even must consider explosion-proof requirements. This restricts the first main component of our choice of LED lamps, the acquisition of normal mining lamps, in terms of energy saving can't meet the requirements, the acquisition of lamps is cheaper to use lamps; the choice of ordinary LED lamps may be acceptable, however the usage of security There isn't any guarantee that the substitute of the lamps in two days will bring numerous inconvenience to our work. The general height of the factory buildings is comparatively high. The alternative of the lamps requires using professional escalators or lift trucks, which will increase our invisible input cost. Therefore, such enterprises must consider whether or not the products meet the necessities of nationwide quality requirements, whether or not they have passed the certification of explosion-proof and so on.

Second, consider the great value-effective selection

LED high bay light, particularly the LED high bay light that has passed the explosion-proof certification, navy certification, quality system certification, etc., because the national requirements can be strictly enforced in the production and material choice, and the inferior technique of cutting corners won't be used to reduce the product cost, so the price May be higher than normal fixtures. Nonetheless, the one-time investment at the time of purchase is a high-high quality product, which not only saves the price of electricity, but additionally saves the price of secondary purchase, repair and replacement of the lamp. The key is to provide a reliable guarantee for our safe production.

Third, the suitable power, illumination and colour temperature

This level is especially professional. The power of LED high bay light needs to be selected in line with the precise lighting area. The high power will cause waste of electricity assets, and the facility is simply too low to fulfill the lighting demand. In addition, the illumination and shade temperature of the lamps are additionally very important. The production line requires high resolution. For instance, the textile trade needs high-decision lamps. This is the product we suggest to make use of a color temperature worth of around 6000, illumination and different conditions.

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